SAWA enters agreement on commercial rights distribution of NHK WORLD-JAPAN in MENA

An agreement to this effect was finalized during MIPCOM in Cannes, Francelast October 2019.

 along with technology, lifestyle and entertainment programs such as great gear, Dining with the Chef,J-Arena, and Journeys in Japan. In addition, the channel offers an assortment of documentaries and specials, including Asia Insightand NHK Documentary.

Ali Ajouz, CEO of SAWA Rights Management, said: “At SAWA, we continuously strive to offer the most relevant and first class entertainment options to our Hospitality customers across the MENA region and thisagreement isyet another example of our commitment towards our Hospitality customers region wide”

Ajouz added: “NHK WORLD-JAPAN delivers a blend of programming featuring hourly live international news from Tokyo and news bureaus from around the globe, along with programs on Japanese lifestyle, culture, food, travel, technology, science and history – offering a great treat for our viewers and partners in the MENA region.”

In comments on the agreement, Masaru Shiromoto, President and CEO ofJapan International Broadcastingresponsible for the worldwide distribution of NHK WORLD-JAPAN, said: “With this collaboration with SAWA, our viewers in the MENA region can connect with NHK WORLD-JAPAN. We have the opportunity to reach even more viewers, making our wide variety of programs more accessible to new audiences across the globe and serve them with a perspective on Japanese and Asian culture, lifestyle and news.”

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