Give a cat a loving home

Kittysnip, a Dubai-based animal welfare group, has organised a number of pet adoption days, over the course of December, to re-home abandoned and vulnerable cats and kittens who have been found neglected or injured.

Come and meet a number of spayed, neutered and fully vaccinated cats and kittens looking for their forever home and a companion for life.

11am to 5pm every Friday, December 6, 13, 20 and 27 at Dubai Garden Centre (Sheikh Zayed Road Exit 40), Al Quoz.

For more information, please contact Kittysnip via email: or on Instagram: kittysnip_uae and Facebook: @kittysnipadoptiondxb

Loki – This gorgeous boy is 9 weeks old, vaccinated and health checked. He is currently being fostered with 4 beagles and 5 other cats and is a pure joy to have around. Playful and loving he will make a wonderful addition to any home that already has a cat or as one of a pair of kittens from Kittysnip.

Garfield – is 4 months old and super playful, very inquisitive and lots of fun if you have young children. He was in a foster home for a couple of days with a toddler and the foster mum said she had never had a kitten as tolerant of her 2-year-old as he was

Rosey – is sweet and loving. She has been with us for four days and is already chilling comfortably with our Charlie. She has been spayed and vet checked.

Casper -is 7 weeks old and growing in confidence. He’s a lap cat in the making but also loves to play and explore. He’s sleeps all night with no issues and is brilliant with his litter tray already. He’s used to other cats, dogs and kids and is currently fitting in very easily in a busy family home.

Cutie– she has quickly become a part of the family and likes to be with us at every opportunity. She is playful, inquisitive and loves to join in all my children’s games followed by lots of cuddles. She will make a wonderful family pet and loves to be with children big or small.

Lucky and Justin – Lucky and Justin. Active boys and very attached to each other.

Frankie -is around 6-month old and a purring machine. Very active and like getting his head scratched. He loves to have a backyard or a cardio with plants.

Joshua – is a 9-month-old beautiful black cat. He was extremely shy on arrival but is now quietly confident. He has shown patience and accommodated new kitten arrivals. He has also adapted well to a busy household with children.

Meeko, Marley & Maya (13 Weeks)

These little ones will make any home a little sweeter.

They are all very talkative, playful, and love to cuddle with their humans’.

Meeko (single large black spot on head)

He is the leader of the trio. If he’s looking for you, you’ll hear him talking to find you. A super confident and wants to be part of anything that’s going on – and is also the first to curl up in a lap.

Marley (tan spots & tail)

He is the smart kitty of the trio. Inquisitive and playful. He’ll follow the group but will also be he first to do a full stretch in bed to make sure he’s touching everyone. He’ll be the paw on your hand and the soft purr next to you.

Maya (two brown/black spots on head)

She is the sweetheart of the trio. You’ll know she’s happy because she’ll give you kitty kisses (licks). She loves to wrestle with the boys and then finds a human to curl up with when done.

The Kids are the perfect addition to any home. They’ve quickly learned where their ‘spaces’ are and use the litter box like pros!

The triplets can be split up no issues into a pair and a single and we happily team single kittens up with others we have or ensure they are in a home with fellow kitties or pups

Sylvester is a super cute 6 weeks old kitten with lots of confidence and energy. Loves to play, explore and has bonded well with a 9-month-old cat that he did not know previously. So well to the point that he will cheekily wake up the cat to play without getting a swipe. All the children that met him loved him because he has such character.

About Kittysnip

Kittysnip is a registered non-profit animal welfare group that works to trap, neuter/spay and release or arrange adoption for abandoned and neglected cats across Dubai.

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