Uganda Attracts Visitors With its Diverse Dance Culture

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 28.11.2019)

The pearl of Africa has a very strong cultural heritage with more than 50 different indigenous languages belonging to two distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, arts and dance. Uganda is a one stop center for a rich cultural journey and many people from around the world visit the country to experience an authentic African lifestyle.

Uganda is home to over 15 tribes each with its unique music and dance that all tribe members are accustomed to. The different dances are each very distinctive that any foreigner could distinguish between the tribes by the dances.

This vibrant dance culture has always been a part of Uganda’s identity and though western music has become popular with the new generations, traditional music is still widespread, and the growth of tourism has specially encouraged the continuous promotion of this heritage.

Many tribes are accustomed to performing their unique dances to tourists and foreigners. Some of the best performing tribes and their respective dances are;

  1. The Banyancoretribe – Ekitaguriro dance

The men and women of this tribe perform this dance to demonstrate the love of the Ankole people to their cattle.

  1. The Bakigatribe – Ekizino dance

The people of Kigezi region used to perform the “court dance” when the king was going to settle disputes in the kingdom.

  1. The Buganda tribe – Muwogola, Baakisiima and Nankasa dances

Buganda is the largest tribe in Uganda, and these dances originated from the king of Buganda’s palace.

  1. The Basogo tribe – Irongo,Nalufuka and Tamenaibuga dances

The tribe members in Eastern Uganda perform these dances to express peace and unity.

  1. The Bagishu tribe – Mwanga dance

The Bamasaba people living in the highlands of Eastern Uganda perform this dance at the time of the seasonal circumcision ceremony.

  1. The Iteso Tribe – Akembe dance

From the Teso region in Eastern Uganda, it is a courtship dance that is accompanied with soft melodious music.

  1. The Batooro tribe – Runyege dances

This ceremonial dance from Western Uganda is usually performed by the youth when it is time to choose a partner.

  1. The Alur tribe – Adungu dance

This dance is performed by the young boys and girls of the tribe and it involves jumping around in a pattern.

  1. The Lubgara tribe – Gaze dance

This traditional dance of the Lubgara is performed by the youth and it reflects the style of their neighbors in the Congo.

  1. The Acholi tribe – Bwola dance

This circular dance is performed by the older men and women in Northern Uganda to represent the tight fence of the kingdom.

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