HUR, a Finnish manufacturer to showcase air resistance rehabilitation equipment with cutting-edge, computerized technology at Arab Health 2020 in Dubai

23rd January 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates –HUR, a Finnish manufacturer of exercise, rehabilitation and wellness equipment is all set to showcase innovative solutions at Arab Health 2020, the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region.With this participation HUR aims to contribute andsolve the challenges of an ageing society by improving the quality of life for their users, and lowering costs for society as a whole.HUR was founded in 1989, as the result of a research project conducted at the University of Technology in Helsink. The company is committed to conduct innovative physiological, biomechanical and work as a medicine research.

HUR has offered game-changing technology within The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). GCC countries are in the top ten countries for prevalence of diabetes – mainly due to skyrocketing obesity rates. Further research suggests that more than 60% of patients with type 2 diabetes will develop a cardiovascular disease. HUR has developed a ground-breaking type 2 diabetes (T2D) concept designed to be used in conjunction with strength training as a therapeutic modality in treatment of T2D. With a regular, customized exercise regimen using HUR’s T2D concept, patients with T2D will benefit with improved cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle mass, decreased blood pressure, and decreased LDL cholesterol

The HUR type 2 diabetes (T2D) concept is designed to be used in strength training as a therapeutic modality in treatment of T2D by using the HUR’s Natural Transmission method. The HUR T2D concept helps the rehabilitation professional to provide best practice exercise-as-medicine, based on the latest international treatment guidelines, to help the T2D patient to engage in regular weekly physical activity and to follow an exercise training regimen.

At the event, HUR will also showcase integrated rehabilitation concepts for cardiac rehabilitation, falls prevention, hip and knee rehabilitation, hypertension and diabetes. Using low-impact, electronic, pneumatic air resistance machines, HUR has developed exercise equipment that holds all of the benefits without the risk. Despite fitness level, endurance capability or mobility, HUR’s products have earned a spotlight in any rehabilitation centre or fitness centre. HUR’s intelligent equipment boasts automatic resistance increases in 100G and 1KG increments to maintain optimal comfort for the user.

Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region. HUR is pleased to have the opportunity to attend Arab Health 2020 as an exhibitor. The 2020 edition of the event will welcome more than 4,250+ exhibiting companies and 106,900+ professional visits from 159 countries.

HUR equipment is engineered specifically for older adults. The machines are equipped with HUR SmartTouch technology that allows the wellness staff to enter and record each resident’s personal training program into the SmartTouch system. The system then guides each user through workout sessions, automatically adjusting the machines to the user’s preferences, such as seat height, resistance and number of reps, as well as tracks the user’s process. Not only does this empower residents to work out independently, but it also delivers real-time data to wellness staff so that they can monitor individual progress and track changes in each user.

Lena Karjaluoto, Executive Vice President, HURsaid, “Studies show that one of the most important things for staying healthy and independent throughout your life is to have good muscular condition. And we are all entitled to a healthy and independent life, as long as possible. Though public diseases like obesity, diabetes, depression, cardiac disease and dementia are huge challenges on both an individual level as well as for the society as a whole. Together we need to fight these challenges many different ways. And HUR is dedicated to contributing where we are best – which is providing the best exercise solutions for preventive, rehabilitative and maintaining training – so that our customers can keep on performing miracles every day.”

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