DR ASHRAF GAD: Impacted teeth’s treatment vary from person to another

Many people suffer from impacted tooth, as it does not appear in spite of the fact that it exceeded the specified time of its emergence , so it remains covered with jaw bone, Dr.Ashraf Gad highlighted that wisdom tooth is one of the most important teeth that commonly has the Impacted tooth issue, as these teeth are under the jawbones or are partially visible, impacted teeth have a great impact on other teeth while it emerge because it pushes other teeth which causes inflammation in adjacent teeth and causes the formation of soft tissues on the wisdom tooth and a feeling of pressure on the front teeth due to the emergence of the wisdom teeth at a certain angle in the jaw which causes a high pressure on the teeth at lower jaw.

DR ASHRAF GAD: Impacted teeth’s treatment vary from person to another

 One of the most dangerous issues caused by impacted teeth is in the case that the wisdom tooth is located in the lower corner of the jaw, as a result if the patient hits their jaw it can lead to jaw fracture.

The earlier this issue is discovered the easier it will be to treat, so Dr.Ashraf Gad advises whenever you feel any of the previous symptoms, that you go to the dentist to prevent further complications.

Impacted teeth’s treatment vary from person to another, among the examples that Dr.Ashraf Gad explained that if the wisdom tooth develops with a good shape but there is soft tissue on it, he does a simple surgery that takes 10 minutes only. Impacted teeth may emerge at an incorrect angle so he relies on tooth extraction to prevent it from collision between it and the adjacent tooth.

Dr. Ashraf Gad, a dental consultant and cosmetic dentist.

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