May 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The summer heat has now arrived in this city. While there’s no denying that beaches are not within our reach just yet, this does not mean that this is going stop us from getting that full Dubai summer experience. Scoopi Café serves the best ice cream sorbets that will surely give you that much-needed refreshing treat during this intense season.

Be blown away this summer with the rich and zesty offerings from the city’s-favorite dessert parlour. Handmade from the freshest ingredients, Scoopi Café’s sorbet range come in various fruity selections. This healthy dessert is the perfect option to cool-off while making the most of the health benefits it offers. Scoopi Café’s dairy-free sorbets are made from fresh summer-packed fruits with the perfect amount of sweetness that brings the flavours of the sorbet. With its perfect texture, this creamy dessert is the perfect indulgence for that sweet-tooth cravings.

Scoopi Café is now once again open to serve their well-loved desserts. Their cozy home at Jumeirah and new location at Al Hambra Pier, Ras Al Khaimah, are following precautionary measure to ensure proper disinfecting during this trying times.

About Scoopi Café:

Founded by Zubin Doshi, Scoopi Café is a family owned and operated company since it began, Scoopi has its retail stores in Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai and the newly launched store in Ras Al Khaimah. The brand is guided by the basic values that they began with, and always will

be including, Originality: Being fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead. Authenticity: Keeping it real, they create their own chocolate and ice cream recipes.

Scoopi devote extraordinary attention to the quality of their products guaranteeing delivery of the most excellent and fresh range of flavors. Their production teams use meticulous artisan skills combined with the latest in modern manufacturing, high levels of training, equipment and techniques to create chocolates and ice creams that both look and taste delicious.

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