MicroSafe Group” contributes with 3000 meals during Ramadan

MicroSafe Group is providing meals to laborers during Ramadan, the month of mercy and giving, as the company participates in its charitable and humanitarian role by distributing meals to the less fortunate amongst us, to give appreciation for their efforts during this uncertain time.

While the current COVID-19 pandemic is by far the biggest infection event in living memory, the MicroSafe Group has been at the forefront and actively fighting major outbreaks and pandemics globally for almost 20 years.MicroSafe Group” contributes with 3000 meals during Ramadan

As the result of a biotech breakthrough, the MicroSafe Group has managed to pioneer the next level of infection control, with the most advanced disinfectant in the world, and all while being the leader in a new class of global wound care and dermatology. This passion for wound healing and infection control has forever changed and enhanced the life and health of millions globally.

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