Consumer optimism among Filipinos in UAE

Consumer optimism among Filipinos in UAE on the rise as economy starts to fully reopen – survey

  • 91% of Filipinos in the UAE feel safe and confident with the initiatives of the country’s government to fight the coronavirus
  • 65% are optimistic that things will go back to normal within six months

Dubai, UAE, 3 June 2020:

As businesses in the UAE and across the world restart and borders reopen, optimism among Filipinos in the UAE has been increasing.

In a survey conducted by The Filipino Times, the largest digital news portal for Filipinos in the Middle East and the biggest free newspaper in the UAE, it showed that Filipinos—one of the largest communities in the country—largely believe that the measures taken by the UAE government are effective. The poll also reflected their confidence that the country will overcome the repercussions of coronavirus disease (COVID 19) and recover in the coming months.

The survey, which was participated in by 1,982 respondents, showed that 91 percent of Filipinos in the UAE feel safe and assured with the initiatives of the UAE government against COVID-19. Meanwhile, about 65 percent believe that things will go back to normal within six months—reflecting the optimism and confidence of all UAE residents that the country’s economy will mount a fast and successful comeback compared to other countries.

This increasing confidence is also the reason Filipinos have boosted their non-essential purchases as things start to go back to normal—especially since for the past two months, consumer spending was limited to essential items.

The top three non-essential products that Filipinos in the country plan to spend more on are home and kitchen products, beauty and personal care, and fashion items such as clothes, bags, and shoes.

Underscoring the importance of Filipinos’ optimism in helping the country gear its economy on an upswing trend, Vince Ang, General Manager of The Filipino Times, said: “Prior to COVID-19, Filipinos were among the fastest-growing consumer segments in the UAE. Our survey shows that this will continue to be the case because even amidst this crisis, Filipino remain optimistic and positive. Their resiliency, in addition, is further strengthened by their trust in the initiatives of the UAE government.

Driving an economic comeback

“The return to office of the employees of both public and private sectors represents a huge improvement with regards to how the UAE aims to get activities back to normal. It also increases the confidence and optimism of residents that better days are about to come. This gradual recovery of the UAE’s economy ensures job stability, as well as shows how the country tries to create new job opportunities, thereby contributing to the increase in consumer spending,” Ang said.

“In addition, the steady confidence of Filipinos will contribute to the UAE’s fast recuperation, especially in terms of increased consumer spending—one of the key drivers of economic recovery. The survey of The Filipino Times showed that Filipinos are expected to increase their purchases in non-essential items in the coming months, reflecting their optimism, as well as the UAE residents’ in general, that these difficult times will soon be over,” Ang added.

The Filipino community is one of the biggest communities in the UAE, with more than 70 percent of Filipinos regarding the country as their second home for over 6 years.

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