‘Design Your Dream Job’ free online cours from Badiri E-Academy

Badiri E-Academy empowers learners to
‘Design Your Dream Job’ in free, online cours

Do you dream of working at a job that is both fulfilling and engaging? And do you know how to get it?

Thanks to Badiri E-Academy’s open-source e-learning platform, founded under the Badiri Education and Development Academy – the education and capacity building arm of the UAE-based NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), job seekers, university students, and professionals all over the world, can now learn a new and dynamic philosophy of career design thinking that gives you greater clarity on what type of job you want, who you want to work with, and how you want to spend your days at work.

‘Design Your Dream Job’, a 70-minute, 2-session online course available in both Arabic and English, is one of the nine courses offered for free by Badiri E-Academy. It can be accessed online at https://www.badiriacademy.org/courses.

The E-Academy mobile App, available on both Google Play and Apple Store, will enable you to access the course anytime, anywhere. Registration for the course is free.

The course, offered by Elatia Abate – a Coach and the Founder and CEO of Dream Job Designs, will revolutionise the way the way you think about your career and help you identify roles, companies, and the culture you want before you accept a job. On completion of the course, you will be armed with a networking pitch that can tell people exactly what it is that you are looking for.

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