I bring enthusiasm, creativity, and excitement to my work as a lead trainer at Excellence Training Centre DMCC. As a certified mind mapping specialist and MBraining Coach I help individuals and corporates understand their mission and achieve their vision. My innovative training seminars incorporate Tony Buzan’s interactive graphic technique to unlock the mind’s full potential. Using these mind mapping strategies, i have developed and delivered powerful programs for children and adults, focusing on French and Arabic language learning, memory training, soft skills enclosing (Business Etiquette, Communication Skills Team Building Activities) and business leadership.

My dedication to personal development has extended to several additional areas. For business development and sales, I train professionals to maximize their growth potential in my ‘One Day MBA’, ‘CEO Business Growth Program’, ‘Mastering Rockefeller Habits’, and ‘Diamond in Your Business Courses’. An avid BNI participant, I truly embody the ‘Givers Gain’ mantra of the organization and have held a number of leadership positions. I spread BNI’s motivating message with my ‘Certified Networker’ and ‘Academy of Sales Excellence’ training courses. I am also an active member of Toastmasters.

Currently I am preparing my TESOL Diploma (Teaching English for Speakers of other Languages)

I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading, and traveling. I also volunteer with Reach Mentoring as I am committed to creating a better community for everyone.

Some of my Customers who have been trained with me by using MindMapping

  • Hult University
  • Empty
  • Rasmala Investment
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Allsop & Allsop
  • Chadborne and Park
  • Tonnit Design
  • Sharaf DG
  • Vogue ME
  • Mediclinic
  • EMC – DELL
  • DWF (Law Firm)
  • Al Seddiqui
  • Ag Engineering
  • Alba Cars
  • Shuraa
  • Emirates Coop

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