Everything you need to know about fashion, e-commerce, and COVID-19

The genesis of the fashion world dates to as far back as 1826. But today, fashion is more than just about clothing. It represents one’s individuality, personality and beliefs, and their actual presence. The industry has seen its share of all-highs and lows, profits and losses, and the ins and outs, yet it is still one of the most desirable industries globally to work in. However, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus shook it at its core. The world saw a sudden halt following the pandemic, and fashion, as one of the biggest industries in the world, was greatly affected. Such was the extent of the impact that many international brands known for their luxury and high-society customers had to shut down their businesses. One of the highest employment-generating industries is now furloughing or dismissing its workforce.Everything you need to know about fashion, e-commerce,

Compounding upon the matter, the preferences of customers changed overnight. People are now putting extra thought to reprioritise their needs and what is deemed essential or non-essential. As such, industries are now compelled to develop strategies to best serve their stakeholders and overcome any challenges they may face in their operations. It’s time for brands to consider the conscience of their customers and come up with a smart selling strategy at a time when many brick and mortar stores are being shuttered, and people are spending more time in their homes.

The crisis accelerated the shift towards an uptick in online-only businesses, encouraging even the most cautious operations to switch their brands towards e-commerce. This move has been of significant advantage for all fashion outlets at a time when the industry is in the midst of a hyper-speed evolution, personalising the customer journey, offering the best community virtual experience, and focusing on what styles customers are aiming for through higher engagement and satisfaction rates. In effect, brands are now preparing for the innovations and the new vogue that awaits.

We at HASH Design understand our customers and their needs. We have studied the needs of our key audience and designed pieces to cater to those needs. We have created a linen collection that is modern, comfortable, and flexible to be worn on different occasions as well as styles that are distinctive. We are available online, catering to the growing e-commerce needs through our digital platforms during these uncertain times as we believe in building and maintaining meaningful relationships.

About HASH Design Boutique:

HASH Design is a distinct boutique concept launched by Emirati designer Fatma Al Hashimi that is known for its prêt-à-porter and custom-made outfits. Started as an Instagram account in 2015, HASH Design is a brand that is an inspired result of ta fascination with fashion. Those looking for the trendiest couture and creative flair to their wardrobe should make their way to HASH and seek out their future style. The boutique is located at Wasl51, Jumeirah 1 block D and also operates the original Instagram account under address hashdesign_.

About founder:

Gifted with the craft of creating timeless, elegant pieces, Fatma Al Hashimi started her entrepreneurial journey with a home business that soon gained a substantial Instagram fan base, paving the way for what HASH Design, home to inspiring designs and elegant dresses. Fatma holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from Zayed University Dubai. She is fluent in Arabic and English, loves to travel, and has participated in over 15 prominent events across the Emirate. She is regularly featured in local and regional media as an exemplary leader in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship.

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