wildlab: New Year, New Health, New You

**Discover sciencebacked health supplements your body needs and boost your immunity and inner health to start 2021 with a new glow**

Did you know that your health supplement may not be delivering its full therapeutic potential? Yes, you heard that right. While there are plenty of supplements in the market that promise to protect your body from known diseases and improve your overall mood, they don’t all necessarily offer maximum efficacy and sometimes are barely even absorbed directly into your body.

As we step into the new year, why not start thinking about updating your health goals with supplements that not only bolster your immune system but also provide skin brightening and anti-aging with powerful absorption and efficiency. After all, these are extremely important points to consider especially after the recent pandemic. With wildlab, the natural health supplement brand you can discover supplements that promise enhanced absorption, longevity as well as rebalance the internal immune system with its extensive scientific research and clinically tested products.wildlab: New Year, New Health, New You

wildlab’s Liposomal Glutathione and Vitamin C Supplements effectively transport powerful antioxidants into your body to maximally absorb up to 95% of the nutrients without going to waste so that once the vitamins enter the body, they get to work. Made with just two ingredients— vitamin C/glutathione and sunflower phospholipids, wildlab’s innovative liposomal technology (LipoCellTech™) creates phospholipid-coated vitamin C/glutathione that’s effectively delivered directly to your cells making them a great addition to your new health routine.

Offering high bioavailability, these come in capsule form and are completely natural without any added ingredients or extra fillers. Some of the key benefits besides delivering nutrients directly into your body include higher immunity, fighting the effects of stress, toxins, free radicals, pathogens, and aging. Studies have shown that when taken together, the Glutathione and Vitamin C Supplements have strong synergistic effects in the antioxidant properties of immune boosting and skin rejuvenation, leaving you with a healthy, radiant glow.

Investing in your health is always the right way to take. If you’d like to start the new year by taking the right supplements to rebalance your body, try out wildlab’s natural supplements and nourish yourself to a whole new you.

Price of Wildlab Immune Boosting Liposomal Set (Vitamin C + Glutathione): AED560

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