New Year, New Healthy Dessert Options from Granny Gothards!

** Kick-start the new year with healthy and delicious fruit sorbets from Granny Gothards **

Following an indulgent festive season and overdoing it with the Christmas and NYE food, the guilt starts to kick in and it’s natural to feel that a change in our eating habits is in order to kick-start the new year on a healthy note. That being said, we all know that extreme diets don’t last long and it’s important to eat everything in moderation, so if you have a sweet tooth and you’re on the lookout for healthy dessert options, then there is nothing quite like Granny Gothards sorbets. Made from the finest natural ingredients, no artificial, these inviting sorbets will most importantly satisfy your sweet cravings minus the guilt!

Not to mention that Granny Gothards sorbets are also perfect for those who are looking for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dessert options, as these are made with only natural fruits to give you a rich taste to complement any dessert or eat pure and simply on its own.New Year, New Healthy Dessert Options from Granny Gothards!

Here are our top sorbet picks from the Granny Gothards range:

  • Blackberry: Made with the plumpest blackberries, less sugar and a sharp taste that packs a punch of flavour and a refreshing taste of childhood
  • Chocolate Chili: Incredible alternative to ice cream, made with pure dark Belgian chocolate and Birds Eye chili
  • Ginger: Made with fresh root ginger, this sorbet packs a real fiery punch to the taste buds and will leave you in no doubt about what you’ve just eaten
  • Passion Fruit: The whole fruit is scooped out of the Passion Fruit shell and used in this wonderfully decadent sorbet, a personal favourite of Granny Gothards owner Amanda, and also a choice for chefs around the world
  • Blood Orange: This sorbet is made with the highly flavoured juice of pure blood oranges, a real taste sensation and a flavour you will fall in love with

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