Aschraf Mahmud :the legislative system and facilities   behind the attractiveness of the real estate sector in the UAE

The investor and financial analyst in Dubai, Aschraf Mahmud, said that the clarity of laws and their impartiality, and the facilities provided by the UAE government to investors, make the real estate sector in the UAE always located at the focus of the global investor, so that the UAE has become, today, an attractive investment destination for capital and active investors. In all sectors and areas.Aschraf Mahmud :the legislative system and facilities behind the attractiveness

He stressed that the real estate sector is one of the most important sectors in the UAE, especially in Dubai, indicating that price levels are currently stable and suitable for all segments of society, if they want to enter the world of real estate investment or switch from owning rather than renting. Mahmud said: “In Dubai, challenges turn into opportunities, and the (Covid-19) pandemic is one of the most common challenges the world has witnessed in recent decades, but the pandemic has motivated developers to lower prices and support the buyer with various facilities.” He added that «there are attractive opportunities for investment in the real estate market in the UAE must be taken advantage of, whether in terms of low price levels or unprecedented facilities in payment or offers made by developers to investors». Mahmud added, “All these factors give us complete conviction according to the reality that the future in the short, medium and long term is positive, particularly in the real estate field through mega and even small real estate projects.” He said: “What we learned from the lessons of previous crises, including the global financial crisis in 2008, also applies to what we are living in today from the new reality imposed on us by the global spread of the (Covid-19) epidemic, and countries and governments have tended to use the discovered vaccines that have proven effective in fighting the virus. , Which would help restore economic and social life again. ” He added that the UAE is one of the first countries in the world that will be able to recover economically and restore normal life before the emergence of the virus, due to several factors, most notably: the approval of vaccines, the start of vaccinating the population against the virus, conducting a large number of checks to discover infections, and continuing to adhere to precautionary measures.