Veganuary made more indulgent with the Granny Gothards Vegan Ice cream range

With the start of the new year, many of us feel inspired to wipe the slate clean and start being the healthiest version of ourselves. With that in mind, ‘Veganuary’ is one of the most adapted healthy eating trends by many individuals every year, which involves eating more plant-based food and cutting down on dairy and meat for the first month of year. If you have a sweet tooth, this might leave you with the thought ‘But what are my dessert options if I want to give Veganuary a try?’ It’s simple – Granny Gothards artisan vegan ice creams are the perfect choice for Veganuary and all year around!

Handmade in small batches at a stunning parlour in the rolling countryside of beautiful Devon, Granny Gothards vegan ice creams are made from the finest natural and dairy-free ingredients that don’t sacrifice on taste, quality and texture – as there should be no compromises for customers simply because they’re seeking vegan alternatives. Not to mention that all the vegan ice creams are deliciously free from artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, palm oils and glucose syrups – which means pure and dairy-free indulgence in a pot!

Three sensational flavours to look at in the Granny Gothards vegan ice cream range are the Madagascan Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate and Fresh Banana – mainly for their outrageously creamy taste and texture. Amanda Stansfield, Co-Owner of Granny Gothards often gets asked if the ‘Secret Ingredient’ is a pint of double cream as the ice creams taste extremely creamy! The secret, however, is simply clean flavours that taste stunning without artificial inclusions, swirls or sweet additions. The Madagascan Vanilla pods, for example, are infused into the ice cream whilst it is cooking to give a tremendous lingering depth of flavour as well as a rich, moreish mouthfeel with powerful clean taste.

The vegan range from Granny Gothards was initially created for a leading Michelin Chef in his London restaurant and then it became too luxurious not to share it with retail! All the same incredible powerful tastes as the dairy range however simply no eggs or dairy. Granny Gothards was voted the Best Artisan ice cream and sorbet Producer 2020 in the Lux Awards.

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