Rodial Launches White Crystal Drops

** Brighten and stay radiant with the latest launch from cult brand, Rodial **

Let’s talk acids. When it comes to skincare, whether you are a novice or hardcore skin enthusiast, acids are an essential ingredient in your complexion arsenal and should not be shied away from. Used properly, they have the power to brighten, offer radiance, blast away skin imperfections, all whilst delivering an intense amount of hydration.

If you are looking to achieve near skincare perfection this year, you are in luck as celebrity favourite brand Rodial have launched a brand-new product that is set to become a hero product; step forward White Crystal Drops (AED 300). These drops contain a blend of effective actives that work to visibly reduce dark spots, help with uneven skin tone and pigmentation. They feature the unique WhiteTen™, which is infused with ten potent actives including Japanese Green Tea extract, Mulberry extract, Matstake Mushroom extract, Japanese Camellia extract, Apple fruit extract, Niacinamide, Galactoarabinan, Centella Asiatica extract and Acetyl Glucosamine that range from plant and fruit extracts. Each possess unique characteristics to help reduce signs of over induced melanin and demonstrate a superior brightening action.

What’s more, this wonder serum has a beautiful luminous, pearl effect that gives an instant soft-focus glow to the complexion. Simply apply in the morning and evening onto a clean face and watch the magic happen.

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