Special art tour show of the European artist Victoria Valuk is in the Caribbean Region

Victoria Valuk’s special art show has started from the Caribbean Sea!

Victoria Valuk is the artist from Belarus. She launched her personal world art tour show “Artifact” not long ago! The start took place at the end of February, despite the coronavirus, epidemic and the borders still closed for the most part! In this extraordinary art show, her paintings are and will be hidden in different parts of the world like a treasure. Whoever finds it will be able to keep the painting for himself/herself! Each of the artworks by Victoria Valuk in her show acquires the status of an artifact and a personal number.

So, the first four artifacts were recently sealed in bottles and left in the hot Caribbean region from snowy Belarus!
These are four wonderful pieces of art – oil on canvas, originals.
Two of the bottles with artifact paintings set off on a sea voyage across the Caribbean, like the letters sent by pirates stuck on the island in the old days. Perhaps artifacts-paintings by Victoria Valuk will be found soon, and perhaps in a hundred years!
Two more bottles with paintings by Victoria Valuk were hidden on the Caribbean Island of Saint-Martin, in the French overseas territories. This tropical island itself is divided into two parts, which are owned by France and the Netherlands, but now the French side is more fortunate.

Now collectors and art hunters have a chance to get a unique piece for their collection, if they are lucky enough to find a bottle with a painting in the sea or on the shore.
“The goal of my solo art tour show“ Artifact ”is to draw people’s attention to art, to bring joy into their lives, to raise their mood and add vitality,” says the artist Viсtoria Valuk.

This is really important! After all, here and there all over the world we see protests and upheavals. People experience emotional stress from the period with lockdowns and from other events taking place in the modern world.

This great art show will continue and artworks by Victoria Valuk will appear in other parts of the world. It is still a secret in which particular country her next artifact will be hidden!

Victoria Valuk is an artist from Europe. She lives and works in Belarus, in the city of Minsk. She is engaged in painting a lot and with great diligence, experiments and works mainly with oil. She has more than 40 exhibitions, including both solo and group exhibitions in different countries.
Last year Victoria Valuk represented Belarus at the prestigious international exhibition of 100 women – 100 paintings – 100 countries “Art connects women” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She took part in the international festival “Art-Minsk”, and also took part in the international exhibition “Present” at the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve in the city of Nesvizh, Belarus.


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