ISOMAR, the nasal and eye sea water solution for adults and children launches their ‘Make Breathing a Breeze’ campaign, ensuring good nasal hygiene for everyone. ISOMAR formula contain mineral salts and trace elements, important for the breath well-being.

Little is known about the importance of good nasal hygiene, especially since we started regularly wearing masks. Cleaning your nasal cavities, if done daily and correctly, can play an important role in prevention of dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens which can lead to illness or long-term breathing difficulty.

“The reason behind launching this campaign is to make users aware of the importance of daily nasal hygiene for both adults and children. Based on isotonic sea water, ISOMAR Daily Hygiene product range performs a fluidifying action and can be used for both nose and ears, helping users to keep healthy respiratory airways free from dust and impurities” said Markus Wagener, Head of Marketing Pharma, AKI. Isotonic sea water has the same saline concentration as body fluids (0.9% in NaCI), the solution passes on the mucosa and, in addition to performing a fluidising action and releasing the closed nose, cleans it by carrying away allergens and bacteria.

The ’Make Breathing a Breeze’ campaign involved various families across the UAE, showcasing their commitment to daily nasal cleansing.

Naseeba, one of our lovely mums said, ‘We heavily rely on ISOMAR for my 10 years old son. It is the only thing that helps him sleep when his nose is congested. We are using ISOMAR nasal washes and decongestion spray since my son was 3 years old. He was a very difficult child due to his blocked nose, but ISOMAR has been a big saviour for me and my family”.

ISOMAR has a range of nasal solutions that, since 1990, uses all the benefits of sea water from the Cinque Terre area in Liguria, Italy for the well-being of adults and children. The unique rock formation there grants the presence of 92 Trace Elements important for the nasal care.

“I strongly believe in nasal hygiene specifically with seawater, this is important for general hygiene especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is important to irrigate and douche with seawater in order to wash out any antigen as well as virus which accumulates during the day.” Said Dr Ricardo Persaud – Consultant ENT Head, Neck and Rhinoplastic Surgeon. Head of Department – NMC Royal Hospital, Sharjah.

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