Nuwa Capital makes first bet in wellness space with Valeo investment

Valeo Wellbeing, the most recent addition to Nuwa Capital’s portfolio, aims to help consumers gain back control over their health

Nuwa Capital has announced that it has invested in UAE-based wellness-tech startup Valeo Wellbeing (Valeo). Other investors in the $3M seed round include Global Founders Capital, Global Ventures, and FJ Labs.

Launched in 2021, Valeo is a personalized health and wellness marketplace offering users access and insight into their wellness data. Consumers can seamlessly purchase packages through the app, combining ‘at-home’ wellness tests and personalized advice from certified coaches covering a variety of areas such as lifestyle, nutrition, and movement guidance.

This is an early stage investment for Nuwa Capital, demonstrating the strength of its conviction in the founders. “Sundeep and Nadine are part of a new generation of founders who have significant depth in their field, a stellar track record and unparalleled drive and ambition. They are exactly the type of founders we are looking to back and co-author the region’s next success stories with,” said Stephanie Nour Prince, Partner, Network and Operations at Nuwa Capital.

The company is targeting a large gap in the market where end-consumers are still largely underserved: optimizing health and fighting fatigue. “Valeo has zeroed in on a massive market that is still untapped, at a time where consumers are looking for more than over-the-counter supplements and one-size-fits all approaches. By placing control over the consumers’ health back into their hands, the company is poised to reshape how we think of health and wellness in MENA,” said Prince.

“We’re grateful to have Nuwa Capital as an investor. They have a progressive founder-centric approach and we have already been able to tap into their accomplished network to help Valeo scale faster.  We look forward in building Valeo together to have a positive impact on people’s lives and become the biggest company in the UAE wellbeing scene,” said Sundeep Sahni, CEO and co-founder of Valeo.

Valeo will focus the funds from this round on hiring talent, scaling its platform and complementing its offering with new wellness products.

About Nuwa Capital:

Nuwa Capital is a Dubai and Riyadh-based investment platform that brings together leading

entrepreneurs, domain expertise, and an unparalleled track record in venture capital in

emerging markets. The fund delivers a founder-led, value creation approach to venture

investment. The team has built Nuwa Capital’s model around key partnerships with corporate

investors and a network scheme designed to drive strategic and operational support

to its portfolio companies. The fund is led by Khaled Talhouni, Sarah Abu Risheh and Stephanie

About Valeo:

Valeo Wellbeing is a personalized health tracking and guided wellbeing app that gives users control over their health. Users can schedule at-home wellbeing tests, get impactful advice based on their results, and connect with certified wellbeing coaches from around the world. The Valeo App allows users to have easy-access to their wellbeing data enabling them to better understand their bodies. Valeo Wellbeing Coaches provide personalized lifestyle, nutrition, and movement guidance to set users on the right track to optimal health.

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