Badiri expands its reach through awareness workshops on holistic wellbeing

Badiri expands its reach through awareness workshops on holistic wellbeing

Badiri Education and Development Academy partners with Mind Mina to offer series of virtual sessions throughout July to promote Mental Health

As part of its mission to drive awareness on the importance of holistic wellbeing, the Badiri Education and Development Academy, the knowledge and capacity building arm of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), is organising a series of three virtual ‘Mental Health Awareness Workshops’ in cooperation with Mind Mina, a UAE-based mental wellbeing platform.

The sessions are open to all and especially designed for university students, fresh graduates, homemakers, senior professionals and entrepreneurs.

The first workshop that took place under the title ‘Achieving Life Balance Using Wheel of Life Approach’ on Wednesday, July 7, was presented by trainer and psychologist, Dr. Huda Khreishi. She introduced participants to the ‘Wheel of Life Approach’, a powerful tool that is commonly used by professionals to identify imbalanced  areas so as to address them.

Attendees also learnt about other effective tools that will contrbuit to prioritise better and achieve their social relationship goals.Badiri expands its reach through awareness workshops on

How food habits influence mental wellbeing

On July 14, Badiri will hold a session on ‘Eating Behaviours and Their Relationship to Mental Health led by nutritionist Mira Tueny. The workshop will introduce participants to the impacts of the food they eat as well as their eating behaviours on their mental health.

They will learn about food groups that can boost their mood, as well those that negatively affect their mental health and should be avoided. Meal planning that will help them functioning better in addition to the mental techniques to reduce food cravings, which will be among the other topics that will be discussed in the session.

Powering up the mind

Farah Hamdan, Theta Healer, will lead the third session titled ‘Unleash the Power of Your Mind on July 28. She will highlight to participants ways to understand the power of their mind and its ability to create and influence their reality, correct erroneous beliefs and reprogramme negative thoughts, creating an effective wellness routine that will significantly impact their lives.

Commenting on the workshops, Dr Mona Al Ali, Manager of Badiri Education and Development Academy, said: “The virtual workshops are part of a year-long series being organised by Badiri targeting local and international audiences to help develop personal, professional, creative, and technical skills necessary to achieve goals and overcome challenges that they may face in various fields.”

Dr Al Ali called on all community segments to attend the workshops to benefit from the immense value they have in ensuring psychological wellbeing, helping them work effectively and overcome everyday challenges.

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