Answers to be credited to Heba Magdi, Brand Ambassador, Dabur Amla. Why did you choose to be the brand ambassador for Dabur Amla?

Answers to be credited to Heba Magdi, Brand Ambassador, Dabur Amla.

Why did you choose to be the brand ambassador for Dabur Amla?

Dabur is a globally renowned brand and Dabur Amla range of products are the crown jewel of Dabur. What impresses me about Dabur is that they have modernized ancient wisdom to make it contemporary. Their product offerings are in consonance with today’s lifestyles. The ingredients used are all-natural and extracted in state-of-art facilities to retain efficacy. Whilst being deeply rooted in its traditional ways of catering to personal care needs, it has evolved to resonate with the needs of modern women. From time to time Dabur has undergone a facelift to become more youthful to sync with consumers aspect Dabur understands consumerism, embraces change, and evolves without compromising on the quality and ingredients. That’s why, for me, I am happy to be associated with Dabur Amla.

What is special about Dabur Amla products and what distinguishes it from other products?

Its key ingredient ‘Amla’ in Dabur Amla range of products is what makes it so special. The benefits of Amla, also popularly known as Indian Gooseberry, are many. This rich powerhouse of nutrients contains nearly 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges which nourishes the scalp thoroughly. Moreover, what distinguishes Dabur Amla from other products is the application of deep-rooted knowledge on their product formulations. The ingredients are sourced naturally and the formulations have been tried and tested for superior efficacy. Dabur Amla is genuine in offering products with natural ingredients that helps to have and maintain strong healthy hair.  

How can we maintain strong and healthy hair and prevent hair fall? 

Today’s lifestyle is such that everyone wants quick fixes. But we have to understand that frequent usage of products that show immediate results, prove harmful in the long run. Dabur Amla Hair Oil is truly a saviour when it comes to deep root nourishment for hair and acts as an effective formula to prevent hair fall. It is a one-stop solution for every haircare worry as it’s loaded with essential nutrients like Vitamin C & E, and calcium. Treat your hair and scalp with a rejuvenating oil massage at least twice a week. The goodness of natural ingredients such as Amla, just seep in, to nourish the hair from root to tip while strengthening hair strands.Answers to be credited to Heba Magdi, Brand Ambassador, Dabur Amla.

What are the bad habits that harm the hair and how can we address those hair problems?

Like I mentioned earlier, modern lifestyles have given rise to quick fixes and newer hair problems. With little time to care, people are dealing with excessive hair fall, dry hair and premature greying, right from their younger years. Due to the lack of a dedicated hair care regime these hair issues are most common these days. Keep your hair care regime as simple as possible with products that use natural ingredients. Make, oiling your hair, a part of your weekly routine and ensure you choose products from trusted brands such as Dabur Amla that are loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients.

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