A strike for IBF Super World Championships at Expo 2020

DUBAI, 13 November 2021 – With packed bleachers and rousing cheers, the International Bowling Federation (IBF) Super World Championships kicked off at Expo 2020 Dubai on Friday, 12 November. Opponents slugged it out in exciting cliffhangers, keeping spectators riveted to their seats, as balls were sent rolling down lanes, crashingContinue Reading

New Climate Change Accountability Global Ecosystem Stands Out from the Crowd as it is Specially Selected for Presentation at COP26 Dubai, United Arab Emirates A new technology platform which takes a huge step towards meaningful global climate change accountability has been specially selected for presentation as world leaders gather inContinue Reading

Nexus Group Launches UAE Home Loan Business GCC’s largest financial advisory group, makes strategic decision to capitalise on robust UAE economy, buoyant housing market, while complementing core insurance and advisory businesses Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nexus Group, the largest financial advisory in the GCC, has launched a fully licenced mortgageContinue Reading