Homegrown Café + Community space launches and invites everyone to Paus;

  • Paus; – a Café + Community space that also offers an array of holistic wellness activities and products, opens its doors in Umm Suqeim this November.
  • Dreamt and built by sisters Sophiya and Sarah Faizal, Paus; is a product of their personal wellness and mental health journey and their desire to share what they learn with everyone who, just like them, need to pause.
  • Paus; is a two-storey villa that houses a café, a treatment and meditation room, a movement studio, a member’s lounge, a consultation area and a wellness shop.

Dubai, UAE, November 2021: It started as two sisters, Sophiya and Sarah Faizal, sharing their passion for wellness and their personal mental health – the good and the bad – on Instagram via @SophWellness. The community responded with an outpouring of love and support for the fearless admission of their own truths and desires to take care of and understand themselves better. Somewhere between the sisters growing this digital family and their strengthening commitment to impart what they are discovering, Paus; was born.Homegrown Café + Community space launches and invites everyone to Paus;

Paus; is the physical manifestation of the Soph Wellness vision, a café + community space that’s good for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The two-storey villa located in Umm Suqeim opens its doors this November and provides an array of holistic services and products designed to help anyone to be truly present for him/herself when s/he decides to pause.

“We imagined Paus; as simply a nice place” says Sophiya Faizal. “Whether you’re just looking for a really good coffee or a space to breathe, to connect with the community, to speak to an expert, or to find yourself, we hope to be able to support you.” Designed with a fresh take on wellness venues, Paus; is inspired by the contemporary movement in local architecture with focus on earthy, approachable, and artistic elements, accentuated by some splash of colors to spark fun, character and creativity. The multi-purpose area enjoys a good amount of natural light and is curated to house various meaningful offerings.


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Movement Studio | Find Your Flow

Fast or slow, find your flow with classes that encourage movement through play. From gentle to more sweat-inducing workouts, the studio offers a break from life’s activities through Yoga, Pilates, Barre and HIIT, all led by our community of expert instructors. The classes are curated to be an experience. From movement breathwork to journaling with yoga, it will be a different slice of workout for sure.

Meditation and Treatment Room | Find Your Ritual

Whether it’s guided small-group meditation, sound bath healing, breathwork, or one-on-one sessions, the Meditation Room is the venue for that sweet break – an opportunity to just be and just do what feels good for oneself.

For those in need of a longer pause and a bit of pampering, the Treatment Room is home to signature treatments like Toning: the signature detox massage, Madeotherapy, Healing, Reiki, Crystals and Effleurage or Strengthening massages (Stretching, Thai Massage, Pressure Points or Deep Pressure). While the list is much longer, the Treatment Room is not to be missed to find the ritual that suits one’s body and soul. Alternative therapy such as IV therapy is also available upon request through guest practitioners.

The Shop | Find Your Tools

For those who want to take the goodness home, the Shop contains a carefully curated selection of products perfect to create new or add to current rituals for a well-deserved ‘me time.’ Featured brands include Rumi, My Rite, The Giving Movement, Theia, Asap, Shala, Bear, Casmara, Chilly’s, Deitea, Edible Beauty, From the Arabs, Haer, High, Medik8, Moon Juice, Scentered, Selfmade, SoKind, The Mode and Zitsticka.Paus; is really just a nice place. Everyone belongs here. www.pausdxb.com

The Café | Find Your Balance 

The Café is built to be a space to get that much needed alone time, to work or to meet other minds whilst enjoying really good coffee or tea and healthy drinks that ignite a sense of nostalgia. Whether it’s sipping through a glass of Wanda smoothie (pitaya, wild blueberries, mango, pineapple, coconut milk) or a Scooby (banana, chocolate hazelnut butter, coconut milk, cinnamon powder), enjoying the flavors and colors of Smurfs (pineapple, mango, banana, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, blue spirulina) or finishing off Mojo Jojo (kale, mint, fresh pineapple and pineapple juice), Paus; proves that pleasurable nourishment is possible. In addition, Paus; is now cooking something special in the kitchen to be unveiled early in 2022.

“Paus; is a product of our labor of love which is created with the community that we built on @sophwellness platform. Their inputs, likes and dislikes, choice of services helped us create this place where you can connect with yourself and with others. It’s everything we hope to find in a wellness space. It is our dream for this concept to evolve to continue to cater to what truly matters to all of us,” says Sarah Faizal.

About Paus;

Paus; is a cafe + community space where you can take a break from everyday life. When we say Paus; we don’t just mean be still. We mean make space that allows you to flow and be yourself. Be in the pursuit to find rest in play.

Reaaallly good coffee, talks, workshops, movement studio, meditation room, treatments, community space…