Dalia Mubarak and Fouad Abdulwahed charm audiences at Expo 2020’s Jalsat Nights

DUBAI, 12 January 2022 – Khaleeji stars took centre stage at the latest edition of Expo 2020’s Jalsat Nights on Wednesday at the Jubilee Stage, featuring the melodies of Dalia Mubarak and Fouad Abdulwahed – acclaimed artists who have both left indelible marks on the local music scene.

Born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mubarak’s debut album, ‘Min Al Akher’, was a massive hit in the Gulf. Her first song, ‘Turn the Table’, released in 2014, has topped nine million views on YouTube.

She was accompanied by an ensemble that played to her repertoire of mostly ballads before an audience delighted to see her, as they clapped and sang along.


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Abdulwahed, the multi-award-winning Yemini singer-songwriter, who won the ‘Let’s Sing to Beijing’ contest, was also greeted with plenty of enthusiasm.

He started out performing at festivals and weddings when he was 16. His flair for Arab pop, as well as Yemeni music, has made him one of the Gulf’s musical icons.

Jalsat Nights is a musical series at Expo 2020 Dubai that brings the region’s top musical artists together for vibrant Khaleeji-led sessions.